Porter Prize for Exploiting Trade-offs: Bharti Airtel

Choices that made their strategy sustainable and because of which they were able to create barriers pertaining to emulation.

Porter Prize for Leveraging Unique Activities: HDFC life

Effective rendering of activities across the value chain that gave them a competitive advantage

Porter Prize for Creating Distinctive Value: Mahindra Finance

Unique solutions to their customers and effectively creating a new market spaces and segments

Porter Prize for Industry Architectural Shift: Make My Trip

The industry structure by challenging the very basis of competition and creating new as well as effective business models

Porter Prize for Creating Shared Value: Mother Diary and ICICI Lombard

Created economic success by redefining markets, products and in creating societal and economic progress

Porter Prize for Value Based Healthcare: Vaatsalya

Redefining the idea of patient care and fundamentally challenging the economic models within the industry


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