Porter Prize for Leveraging Unique Activities: Mahindra Logistics Limited & Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited
Effective rendering of activities across the value chain that gave them a competitive advantage. It is an understanding that clearly states that good strategies depend on the connection among many things and on making interdependent choices and making a tailored value chain.

Porter Prize for Industry Architectural Shift: Indigo Airlines
An organization that has redefined the industry structure by challenging the very basis of competition, creating new business models, challenging the status quo and exploiting change.

Porter Prize for Exploiting Trade offs: Tech Mahindra Ltd
Choices that make firms strategies sustainable as they are not easy to match or neutralise. It is about making effective choices that create barrier pertaining to emulation.

Porter Prize for Creating Distinctive Value: Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd
An organization offering unique solutions to the problems or needs of the customer. Effectively creating new market spaces, segments and providing solutions that redefine the market.

Porter Prize for Value Based Healthcare: Fortis Healthcare Ltd
Organizations that have redefined the idea of patient care and fundamentally challenging the economic models within the industry

Porter Prize for Creating Shared Value: Hindustan Unilever Limited
High impact organisation that has created economic success by redefining markets, products, way of doing business, creating collaborative efforts and in turn creating societal and economic progress.

Porter Prize for Enabling Social Progress: Essar Foundation
For your outstanding performance in the industry that enables and works towards uplifting social indicators.

Porter Prize for Excellence in Corporate Integration & Governance: Max India Limited
For your outstanding performance in the industry that drives excellence in corporate integration, governance and explores the synergies between different business divisions because of governance mechanism.


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